Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the refinishing process usually take?

A: For a typical dining table or medium size chest about 4 weeks.

Q: Can you repaint any type of furniture?

A: The business focus primarily on refinishing or painting wood furniture.

Q: What products do you use to refinish furniture?

A: The vast majority of projects are refinished or painted with environmentally friendly water-based finishes.

Q: How do I get an estimate?

A: Please email photos, dimensions and objectives to

Q: Do you offer discounts for whole office spaces?

A: A commercial maintenance agreement would include discounts and other savings.

Q: Is there a limit on how many pieces of furniture you will take at one time?

A: Unfortunately, the transport space in the company van is limited. Customers are welcome to drop-off furniture or arrange for transport by a third party.

Q: Do you offer pickup and delivery service?

A: Pickup and delivery service can be provided. Typically, A medium size dresser on the first floor with 1 or 2 steps can be transport.

Q: Can you repair scratches, gouges and chips in furniture?

A: Yes, this is called a precision repair and consist of filling in the damage area and then coloring to blend in.

Q: My dog chewed... or my cat scratched...

A: Yes, we can most probably help!

Q: Do you work on antiques?

A: Yes, indeed. Antique or vintage pieces can be gently cleaned, wax, oiled or even have missing pieces fabricated. In many cases, the joints are loose and can be re-glued using traditional materials.