Revitalize Your Furniture

Repair dents, scratches and water damage

Your home is important to you. You've carefully decorated it with pieces that are both practical and beautiful. Still, it's no secret that your furniture has suffered major wear and tear from daily use. Furniture Medic By Bixler Wood Repair & Restoration® can help you bring life back to your old furniture. Whether you have priceless antiques or modern pieces, your furniture will look new again.

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Antique Repair Raleigh NC

Reverse furniture damage

Do you have a table or chair that's been dented or scratched? You can get a precision repair. We'll fill in the damaged space and match the surface color to the rest of your item. We can also remove unsightly water marks and touch up cabinets. Your home will look well-maintained and beautiful with restored furniture.

Even your antique furniture can be pampered or restored. Get a restoration service from Furniture Medic By Bixler Wood Repair & Restoration® today. We serve homes in Durham, Orange and Wake counties.